Past Competitions

  • 2020 Competition – Dalila Ricci and Keerthana Sreenivasan, aka The Bubble Tea Buddies, finished first among five competing teams. The pair’s winning entry compared the deicing abilities of four food production byproducts with rock salt to determine if there is a more environmentally friendly and economical alternative to melt ice in winter. Other winning presentations included a modular data acquisition device that allows users to plug in various sensors and a Vilas Park improvement plan.
  • 2019 Competition – First-year students Hunter Bindas and Abby Warwick took first place in the inaugural Innovation in CEE Competition for their proposal to curb nitrogen runoff from lawns by utilizing mycorrhizal fungi in place of chemical fertilizers. CEE Badgers Jeff Hess and Ellen Kimlinger, joined by Edward Yeap, a mechanical engineering and computer science major, took second place for creating a real-time mixer that could be applied to concrete construction using 3D printing. Third place was awarded to CEE Badger Ethan Heroux and mechanical engineering major Kelsey Hacker for their work on an alternative material to make structures more resilient to hail damage.

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